Jalbas Agrarian LTD, our company is registered october, 2011. we are trade based company that supplies general agricultural products.
Our prime business is exportation of specialty agricultural crops, plants, herbs, spices, seeds and nuts, and organically grown foods.

Some of our products are;

Dried hibiscus flower, dried splitted ginger (faq & asta), cassia tora seed, moringa seeds, peanut, raw cashew nut, olibanum gum, gum arabic, black stone flower, reddish chilli and sesame seeds.

We have farmholds and contract farms. we control and supervise all harvesting, cleaning, drying, processing and packaging of our products in sanitised production facilities and according to the international quality and safety standards inorder to ensure the best of our products.

We seriously discourage the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on our own farms as well as by our contract farmers. we encourage the use of organic and animal manure and ecologically sound farming practises. in replace of harmful pesticides, we use biological and biodegradable natural solutions. our quality control measures and processes ensure that you get the best of what you require. be rest assured that your order will be treated with great interest and care because we expect a long term relationship and above all we enjoy what we do.


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