Natural Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds originate from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. suitable for human consumption. Natural Sesame Seeds contain all the natural nutrients of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds have high oil content (approx. 48% min.) and protein content (approx. 25%).Our Natural Sesame Seeds processed out from Premium Grade Gujarat Origin Raw Sesame. We offer highly cleaned & sortexed Natural White Sesame Seeds with highest purity levels.

It is used as a spice condiment or as a garnish in many ethnic dishes and bakery items to enrich taste & nutritional values.
Sesame Oil is used for cooking due to its healthy properties.Food fried in Sesame oil has long shelf life because the oil contains antioxidant called “Sesamol”.

Sesame seeds are good source of calcium, proteins, vitamins, Iron, phosphorus and dietary fiber.Sesame seeds reduces cholesterol level and prevents high blood pressure in the body.

Our Products

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    98.2.2 Natural Sesame Seeds

    We are among the leading groups that Supplies 98.2.2 Natural Sesame Seedsfrom Northern Nigeria (Kano) The range of the 98.2.2 Natural Sesame Seeds, offered by the company, is known for its quality ...Read More...

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    99.1.1 Natural Sesame Seeds

    We are a major Exporter and Supplier of 99.1.1 Natural Sesame Seedsfrom Northern Nigeria (Kano).The 99.1.1 Natural Sesame Seeds, are of best quality Sesame Seeds .

    Specifications Of...

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